Modern Uni Mug yellow orange colored tea pot tea brewer with strainer - tea collection Tea for One

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Designed in Japan by Japanese designer brand. Ultra light and portable tea for one. Beautiful vibrant colors. Modern home and kitchen. Glass-like clear finish, glass exterior, plastic interior (filter). Afternoon tea, tea time, tea for one. 
  • Microwave okay but cup ONLY 
  • Do NOT microwave strainer
  • Do NOT microwave lid
  • Dishwasher okay
  • Featured on MOMA Store Modern Art Museum (MOMA) and Starbucks Teavana 
UNIMUG is renewed with a new material featuring high transparency and durability. It's a series of chic colored mug sets that include a glass mug, plastic strainer, and lid. It can brew a cup of tea easily in your office and home. Collect a variety of colors to use for daily teatime with family and friends or as a nice gift.
Designed by FUMIE SHIBATA (Design Studio S)
Strainer and lid material: copolyester / dishwasher safe
78 x H90 x W122 mm / 350 ml
3 x H3.6 x W5 in / 12 oz
Uni Mug featured on Teavana
Featured on MOMA modern art museum store