LaCafetiere Classic Espresso 3 Cups Retro Vintage Holiday Red

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Traditional classic European kitchen artisan espresso maker in a beautiful retro vintage holiday red. 

  • Simple to use, easy to clean
  • Ensures a full fresh flavor
  • Designed to bring restaurant quality Cafe Culture into your home
  • See education materials on
  • Non slip santoprene heat resistant handle
    Hand rinse in warm water after use
    Use on stovetop over low heat for best results
    Do not dish wash
  • Small range gas stove is ideal

200 ml 6.5 fl oz 

Caution : sometimes handle gets hot, use caution. Keep away from Children. Traditional brewing methods give the most intense flavor but can get very hot. Caution

  1. Step by Step instruction on packaging:
  2. Add water to the base
  3. Insert inner filter and fill with espresso ground coffee
  4. Screw the top of the espresso maker on tightly 
  5. Heat until the top section is full of coffee