Delicious Cake Towel - Tiramisu Cupcake

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La Patissier Japanese decorative cake towels. The Tiramisu cupcake is a single piece of small semi-platt stripped white and brown, thin 100% cotton towel. A great friendship, birthday, housewarming gift, relationship anniversary gift, super cute kawaii and non-perishable. Great gift for home bakers, cooks, chefs. 100% cotton. Small washcloth or handkerchief size towels, perfect for traveling. Extremely popular in Japan.Size: small, Color: black, white, and blend Magnet: strawberry, Designed and Distributed by Japan, Made in China

Keep away from children please. This is not food (not matter how hungry it makes you).

Magnet piece - strawberry, keep away from children, not a toy, choking hazard