Delicious Cake Towel - Mocha Swirl Cupcake

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This delicious decor is not for eating (too bad). It is actually 100% cotton small towel, i.e. small washcloth or handkerchief. Designed by Japanese designers (and quite a fab in Japan), these cake towels are reasonably priced, and makes fabulous non-perishable  birthday gifts! They can sit on your friend and lover's desk for a long time and still look good. Since it is also a towel, it can be functional as well. A small golden-red cherry magnet is included. This magnet can be used for displaying your birthday wish cards on his or her fridge. Last but not least, a pleasant bonus touch: there plastic wrap is decorated with words of one recipe for the cake. This semi-real cake is somewhat of a new idea in the States, but is nothing new in Japan. Girls decorated their iPhones with cakes, macarons, icing as well as imitation diamonds. Food phone straps and charms are not rare sights either. Enough fabs aside, this cake is portable, cute, and can potentially be useful for cleaning :) It can be a cute yet still economical birthday present.

Size: small, Color: deep chocolate brown, light brown Magnet: small strawberry, Designed and Distributed by Japan, Made in China

Keep away from children please. This is not food (not matter how hungry it makes you).

Magnet piece, keep away from children, not a toy, choking hazard