1 Bottle of DIY Dye Ink Refill for Indigo Blue Textile Kit by Yellow Owl Workshop

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Intended as a2 refill for INDIGO BLUE TEXTILE KIT search "indigo" in our store for the listing
  • 2 fl oz only, small bottle
  • Water-based permanent indigo-color ink (does not contain indigo)
  • Made in California
  • Made in USA
  • Warning: avoid skin contact, keep away from pets and children
  • Warning: not intended for children under 12
  • Absolutely do not intake
  • Canvas and other tools not included in the refill, please find our "indigo" kit listing for the full kit
We don't make profit on refills, we carry these low margin items as a courtesy to our customers. Thank you for your understanding. Free domestic shipping is already the best we can offer.
At-lotus insights: the Yellow Owl Workshop studio thrives and designs in San Francisco. They have published craft, stamp printing books that are displayed in the San Francisco Modern Art Museum SFMOMA stores. Some of their products are proudly made in the United States, and specifically in the heart of California. Consider them a trust worthy jewel of American crafting DIY culture.