Shipping, General Policy (FREE Domestic Shipping FREE for all US location)


FREE SHIPPING to US Locations.

1 Business Day Handling

We cannot ship internationally. Apologies!

We will charge for shipping for combined 3 pounds+

Return policy : currently we do NOT accept returns. 

We are really sorry about the inconvenience!

Transaction Handling

Your transactions are securely handled by Shopify (Stripe payment) and/or PayPal Express which handle all financial information and are respectful, powerful world-class payment processing companies. They are the build-in, secure, official payment methods on this Shopify platform.  Our store and staff do not see your financial details. :) Happy thoughts.


Coupon policy, digital ones included: we reserve the right to issue and expire all coupon codes at our discretion. Unfortunately, we won't be able to issue advanced notice. Terms apply, all coupons are limited in terms of use and validity. Please contact customer service with any questions prior to purchase.  Thank you

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