Brew the Perfect Cup of Tea - Holiday Gift Guide

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S'well Bottle Dark Forest Avatar Blue Perfect Gift for Tea Lovers

This stunning avatar blue Dark Forest by S'well Bottle is the perfect gift for any one who loves tea. The rustic yet modern look is a fashion statement. Use S'well Bottles to keep your tea hot for hours.

Temperature is perhaps the most important factor in tea brewing. Standard black tea can handle high temperatures, and herbal tea as well, but some believe that nutrients in tea will start to break down in high temperature. That's why matcha whisking and Gyokuro brewing requires lower than boiling temperature. In fact, Japanese tea masters seem to think 60 degree celsius is already perfect for nutritious green teas like sencha blast. 

Careful, you may want to allow time for the tea to cool in the bottle before consuming. This is not a water bottle that you need to store away. It's a perfect piece suitable on any modern kitchen counter. Get your avatar blue Dark Forest S'well Bottle here, available in medium size 17oz.  It's guarantee to warm up any hearts in this winter holiday.



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