A New Line with Old Memories - KNOCK KNOCK stationeries and desktop accessories

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We are no stranger to the KNOCK KNOCK line. We used to pack with its Pack List pad and make decisions using the PROS and CONS pad. We always appreciated stationeries with a sense of humor and the none conformity that San Franciscans are familiar with. We also wanted to start our own personal library collection with the Library Stamp and Book Card kit. 

There is a a lot of affinity between KNOCK KNOCK and our existing Kikkerland signature brand. The two brands both bring creativity, with KNOCK KNOCK specializing in stationery and lifestyle details, decisions, and gastronomy, even dreams!

We are excited to bring you new products like: 

  • Dream Journal : this one for my doodling creative friends from Waldorf high school
  • Life as a Pie Chart Journal: this one for my past time as a consultant and devour everything charts and ppt
  • Pixelated Color Books: this one for all the tech and glow in the Silicon Valley and all the games and geeky memories
  • One Word a Day Journal: in memory of my past LiveJournal and real journal writing habits that is no more
  • Foodie Chart: this one for my three year Yelp review status as elite reviewer and a genuine food and wine chaser and lover
  • The Game Pad: for all the drinking and partying memories of college and have turned into wine allergies
  • Personal Library Kit, Bookmark Pads: for all the dying real bookstores
  • I Can't Sleep Journal and the In My Humble Opinion rant journal: for the attitude that KNOCK KNOCK was known for!

And knock knock has gotten plenty of press, NPR, Real Simple.com, Oprah Magazine, Stylelist.com you name it


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