DIY Tutorial Getting Organized : Keychain Edition

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Keysmart is the newest engineering design keychain that can shrink and organize in minutes your keychain.
This is the swiss army knife of keychains. Smart phone, smart Coinbase Bitcoin wallet ... later ... it's time for your keychain to get smarter. Shrink it to this incredibly compact, organized size use our new arrival product - Keysmart. Here's a 5 minute tutorial on how to shrink and organize your keychain in just minutes with this beautifully engineered gadget. This is a perfect gift for men and women, comes in space black and brilliant red.
STEPS to minimize your keychain
  • Use a penny, or better yet your favorite screwdriver to turn the screws
  • Release the two beautiful laser-cut plates
  • Gently please your key in desired order
  • Use the included bolts to hold keys in place
  • Screw the plates close with the above mentioned screwdriver
  • Enjoy this modern ultra sleek "swiss army knife" keychain


Key smart is the new "Swiss Army Knife" of keychains. Compact, organized, and minimized

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