DIY Tutorial Recipe: How to brew the perfect cup of morning cold brew

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Cold brew coffee kit with vintage milk bottle design perfect holiday gifts

This is a brief fun and easy instruction on how to brew a perfect cup of cold brew. It's a beginner level tutorial / recipe. No experience required. You can improvise and use containers that you already own. For your convenience, we also offer a Cold Brew Coffee Kit in our online gift store.

Our kit comes with 4 small milk bottles (they are vintage retro style, look very cute), 4 cork stoppers and 4 reusable organic muslin coffee bags. You can find substitute containers in your kitchen and may be purchase on muslin bags. 

Homemade cold brews are sweeter, smoother, and less acidic. It's economical, customizable and readily accessible. It taste great served on the rock, and it is made to drink without having to reheat, perfect for busy mornings.

Once you invested in a kit, you just have to buy your own coffee beans! We recommend you go for the best small batch roasters like Blue Bottle Coffee and Sightglass, Ritual Coffee etc.

The finished result is a coffee concentrate that can last for a quite few more days than hot coffee. You can easily customize the taste by diluting your personalized concentrate with your choice and amount of water or water variety (some say fancy bottled water / filtered water make the coffee tastes better, such as Fiji water ~ fancy ~).  More water means lighter smoother taste.

1. Fill bag with medium to course ground coffee (not included) about 5 tablespoons (the coarser the grind the clearer the less bitter the coffee). Pull the drawstring tight and place the bag into the bottle.
2. Fill the bottle with cool water and secure drawstring in bottle opening as you place the cork in the top
3. Place in the fridge and allow to steep for 12 hours. Feel free to experiment with grind and steeping time!
4. After steeping, remove the bag. You’ve now got a less acidic more flavorful concentrated coffee. Dilute with water to taste an enjoy!
Each bottle will yield enough concentrate for two cups, so share with a friend or put the cork in the bottle and take your second cup to go.
Pour over ice or reheat in the microwave (the bottle is not microwave safe, so use your favorite mug instead).
Squeeze the bag and compost your grounds. Don’t forget to wash the bag for reuse. Cold brew coffee will not go stale easily, so feel free to cork securely and tomorrow!
perfect holiday gifts for coffee lovers vintage milk bottle cold coffee brewing kit


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