Maintain Your Integrity and Trust Your Customers

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It's true: good customers rarely utilize return policy, and when they do they have good reasons to. Last week, we received a return request. The customer changed her mind was willing to pay the stated 15% restocking fee on a high-end fashion item. It's rare to see returns on this item, because it's popular, high-quality and expensive,  and it is expensive. 

We made an exception to waive the fee though to thank our customer for being a VIP. She then surprised us by saying the item is actually defective. Now we're getting into a treacherous part of the ocean, but it is important to have faith in our customers, so we agree to investigate.

The item turns out to be defective, though a very rare occurrence for this brand (we have sold 100s too).  This was the first case ever. We were so thankful that we kept the communication open and fair, and that we offer a generous return program that does not deter our most valuable customers from reaching out. 

We take pride in doing research and testing on our products - we call it at-lotus insights, where we gain deep insights on the product, identify usage, interesting applications, and anticipate any potential problems. This allows us to be prepared to provide the best customer support and service.

We feel that being genuine and upholding integrity really makes us stand out in this competitive e-Commerce landscape. It really makes us shine and thrive. Together, through mutual understand and support we find elegant solutions.

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  • FAQ: our eBay website offers returns, unfortunately the Shopify one doesn’t yet due to high shipping cost. Any defective products will be investigated feel free to contact us.

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